Interior designer in Kiev Irina Andreyeva-Sychok guiding you towards making the right decisions to create a beautiful and highly functional home,  that  represents  your style and tastes, and will bring success and prosperity in your home and business. Turn your house into your dream home !




The heart of your home requires an atmosphere that expresses your personality in exactly the same unique, tasteful way that it reflects your approach to space, form and light. My creative concepts for living are oriented towards your individual demands, which they will meet in every respect, right down to the last detail.

Ирина Андреева-Сычок, дизайнер и художник
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Interior design, space and furniture planning, home decoration, remodeling and new constructions

I manage projects of any size  from a single room  to  a  complete  home  renovation. On time and on budget,  I create fresh, elegant, timeless solutions which stand up to the  demands  of  modern  life,  individually  tailored  to  your  specific  needs.
I  find  interior design projects  interesting  and challenging when we can successfully translate  the  client’s  personality,  interests  and  lifestyle  into  a  beautiful and joyful environment.  I  love  using  harmoniously  related  objects  and  personal   touches  to  breathe  life  into  an  interior  and  make  an  environment  special  to  the  people that  live  there.
New construction, transformation or renovation is always an exciting and emotional  adventure, but also a time filled with questions and doubts  as you are facing innumerable  choices.  Whether as general advice,  periodic response  and / or  full  support  to  your project (project development, monitoring and execution of works)  I am pleased to join you in this adventure.

"A house is a mashine for living in"
Le Corbusier
"We have Art in order not to die of the truth"
Friedrich Nietzsche

Remodeling and Home Design
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